Walt Disney YearsEdit

Poor Papa 

Trolley Troubles

Oh Teacher

The Mechanical Cow

Great Guns!

All Wet

The Ocean Hop

The Banker's Daughter

Empty Socks

Rickety Gin

Harem Scarem

Neck 'n' Neck

The Ol' Swimming Hole

Africa Before Dark

Rival Romeos

Bright Lights

Sagebrush Sadie

Ride Em' Plowboy

Ozzie Of The Mounted

Hungry Hoboes

Oh What A Knight

The Sky Scrapper

The Fox Chase

Tall Timber

Sleigh Bells

Hot Dog

High Up

The Winkler YearsEdit

Mississippi Mud

Panicky Pancakes

Firey Fireman

Rocks And Socks

South Pole Fright


A Horse Tale

Farmyard Follies

Homeless Homer

Yanky Clippers

Hen Fruit 

Sick Cylinders 

Hold 'Em Ozzie

The Suicide Sheik 

Alpine Antics 

The Lumberjack 

The Fishing Fool

Stage Stunts 

Stripes and Stars 

The Wicked West 

Ice Man's Luck 

Nuts and Jolts 

Jungle Jingles

Weary Willies 

Saucy Sausages

The Walter Lantz YearsEdit

Race Riot

Oil's Well

Permanent Wave

Cold Turkey

Pussy Willie

Amateur Nite

Hurdy Gurdy

Snow Use

Nutty Notes

Ozzie Of The Circus

Kounty Fair

Chilly Con Carmen

Kisses And Kurses

Broadway Folly

Bowery Bimbos

The Hash Shop

King Of Jazz

The Prison Panic

Tramping Tramps

Hot For Hollywood

Hell Heel's

My Pal Paul

Not So Quiet


Cold Feet

Snappy Salesmen


The Singing Sap

The Detective

The Fowl Ball

The Oswald In XXX Series (5 Cartoons) Edit

The Navy








Happy Scouts

Get A Horse!

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