Oswald Is The 2nd Character Of Disney And 1st Character Of Universal

History Edit

After Disney Left The Alice Comedies, Elias Wanted A New Character. Oswald Then Was Born.

The First Produced And 1928 Film (Originally Realeased 1927) "Poor Papa" Was Unsuccessful For Main Reasons. Then Elias Disney Made The Second Produced 1927 Film, "Trolley Troubles" With The Second Appearance Of The Rabbit Children.

The Third Produced And Partially Lost-Found Cartoon "Oh Teacher" Making The Bunny Children's Last Appearance (Also Appeared As Cameos In Oh Teacher)

All Wet, The 6th Produced Cartoon To Feature Fanny, Was The Most Well Known Cartoon To Feature Fanny.

The Banker's Daughter, The 8th Produced Oswald Short, The First Lost Cartoon To Feature Ortensia

High Up, (Fun Fact: Winkler Did The Oswald Shorts 1928-1929) The Last Cartoon Of The Oswald Series, Making Walter Lantz Taking Over And Mintz Stealing Oswald, Since Oswald Was Created In Universal, They Had The Right To Oswald.

In 1929, Walter Lantz Took Over Oswald, Then Walt Elias Was Fired.

Walter Lantz Is Also Known For These Lost Cartoons

Ozzie Of The Circus

Kisses And Kurses

Cold Feet

Broadway Folly

Cold Turkey

Nutty Notes

Bowery Bimbos

Oswald Animation Time LineEdit

Walt Elias Disney (1927-1928)

Winkler (1928-1929)

Walter Lantz (1929-1930)

Bill Nolan (1930-1930)

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