Poor Papa Is The First Short Of The Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Produced In 1927 And Released In June 11, 1928


Oswald (The Grumpy Main Character In This Short) Is Having A Hard Time With The 31 Children (The Actual Amount Of Children Counted In The Short) So He Tries To Stop The Storks From Delivering More.


After Walt Showed The Short, Universal Declined It And The Short Had To Wait Until 1928, After Universal Declined Walt Said, "I Am Sorry That The First 'Oswald' Was A Keen Disappointment To Everyone. This Work Was Animated By A Man Of Experience Whom I Am Willing To Put Alongside In Any Man In The Business Today. Hereafter We Will Aim To Oswald A Younger Character, Peppy, Alert,Saucy, And Venturesome, Keeping Him Also Neat And Trim." The First Short, Trolley Troubles Was Then Born.


  • Poor Papa Was Released In June 11, 1928 Because Viewers Would Want To See Oswald As A Grumpy Old Rabbit.
  • Counted By Barehands, Oswald Has 31 Children.
  • Poor Papa Was Found In A Blu-Ray Signature Edition Pinocchio DVD Release As A Bonus Feature.
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